My Year in Kdrama 2019

I danced into January but
Once I was there
I walked slowly
Enjoying the sky from my castle
Red moon, blue sun
The ecstasy
The pain
So great I left Alhambra before my holiday was done.

My year in dramas was a strange one, really
A bright burst of Radiant light and
Wildflowers and a strange and beautiful hero
The camellias bloomed one spring night
and bards told a tale of a man a woman a man
All in one and beautiful to see
My first first love.

But then the Abyss loomed
Large, black and melted like
dark sour icecream
Romance failed again and again and
Even the bonus book wasn’t enough
To make me stay.
Fish died
The dead fish!
All the dead fish!

This is my confession
A drama vagabond on a mission
Not my last and I’m no angel
I searched for something, a woman watching wearily but
never found it
The zombies ran quickly, hungrily
I just ate some chicken, not the best
Why was I even there?
I didn’t know

Should I just kill it?
This drama year
Should I just walk away
My brilliant fellow citizens
From this class of lies, this
crash landing
Or should I stay?
My clowns, my cray cray graceful family

I guess I will
Just one more year
I will stay for you
I never was a robot, then or now.
But this December
I would like to remember
What it was like to
Just dance

Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 5.42.04 pm
Just Dance: one of the most underrated gems of 2018


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