The Dragon Poll 2023: The Good, The Bad and The Love it Anyway

It’s been an interesting drama year, although I’m not sure we’re quite ready to stick a label on it yet.

For me, I didn’t feel like 2023 had the highs and lows of previous years. No great outpourings of eternal love but also no global meltdowns – at least none that rival Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol or Start Up. And I doubt we’re going to name five worst dramas like we did last year! But, hey, democracy is a funny thing so we won’t know until we vote!

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Pink Dragon says Vote Now!

As always, the poll has already been through a small set of Beanies who have helped to refine the categories. Thank you all!

So from Best to Worst and everything in between, it’s time to say what worked for you this year and what didn’t. Results should be out by the end of the year.

Vote now in the Dragon Poll


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