2022 in Kdrama: The End of Year Poll

It’s that time of year, finally! The time for reflection, introspection, deconstruction and dissection.

(Also plagiarism, since that’s what I copied and pasted from last year’s post. You can’t plagiarise yourself, it’s fine).

Yes it’s the end of yet another year in Dramaland. How did you feel about it? What did you like? Hate? What made you laugh and made you cry and made you swoon?

No lie, I’m quite curious here. I really have no idea where some of these chips are going to fall and I’m excited to find out.

So vote here! 2022 Year End Drama Poll

Big thanks to all the beanies who helped me beta test the poll and gave me such good feedback. We’ve been doing this for four years now and I can honestly say it wouldn’t happen without you.

I’ve curated some possible responses to the various questions but there’s an ‘other’ button, feel free to freestyle if you think I’ve missed the obvious contender. As you know, we also have a more lighthearted question – fish, lighters – and this year it’s Trucks of Doom. Even for Dramaland, there were so many ToDs this year. I’ve probably even missed some.

Results will be out by the end of the year

Link to Drama poll

What is a 2022 drama?
A 2022 drama is a drama with at least six full-length episodes that ended in 2022. If it started in 2021 but ended in 2022, then it’s in! If it started in 2022 but won’t be finished by the end of the year, then hang onto that thought. It’ll be in scope next year.

We do have a new exception this year. After the Sweet Home debacle, we’ve decided to allow dramas that aired all their episodes in December of the previous year. This is because Netflix has developed a nasty habit of dropping all episodes of a drama around Christmas. So for the scifi fans amongst us, Silent Sea is in! And if your favourite drama drops in full between now and December 31 then it will be in scope next year.

Link to Drama poll

So get into it, my people.

Let’s go!


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