2021 in Kdrama: The End of Year Poll

It’s that time of year, finally! The time for reflection, introspection, deconstruction and dissection.

Yes it’s the end of yet another year in Dramaland. And what a year it has been! A year of Makjangs, Sageuks, zompires and dystopias and even a very unexpected global phenomenon.

And now is the time you get your say about exactly what moved you, held you, lost you, angered you and inspired you in 2021.

Vote here! 2021 Year End Drama Poll

Results will be out by the end of the year

What is a 2021 drama?
A 2021 drama is anything that ended in 2021. If it started in 2020 but ended in 2021, then it’s in! (Run On fans will be happy, Sweet Home fans not so much). If it started in 2021 but hasn’t ended yet, then hang onto that thought. It’ll be in scope next year.


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