Ten times the Navillera finale broke us…

…and then put us back together again

Sim Deok-chul performing his ballet routine at the end of the drama

The beautiful drama Navillera was not just about how it’s never too late to pursue your dreams. It was an emotional catharsis that made us sob in only the best way. A good cry, a cathartic cry. Watching Sim Deok-chul pursue his dream while struggling with progressive Alzheimer’s was hopeful, inspiring and heartwarming rather than tragic. Tragedy comes from injustice but there’s no injustice here, just life in all its ordinary hope and sadness. It’s just someone making the best of the time they have left. And that instead makes it beautiful.

So get your tissues ready for the ten times the Navillera finale broke our hearts and then stitched them back together again.

1. Deok-chul wakes up with no memories at all, even of his wife

Deok-chul looks at his wife in confusion and asks, "Who are you?"

2. Halmeoni takes Deok-chul to the ballet studio to jog his memory rather than cancelling the performance

Deok-chul standing in the studio looking confused while his wife prompts him to remember
"I used to do ballet here", Deok-chul remembers

3. Chae-rok writes in Deok-chul shoes

Chae-rok's fingers writing on the bottom of Deok-chul's shoes, "The man who will soar"

4. “As long as you are with me and recognise me, I’ll teach you ballet anytime”

"You recognise me. You can do this," Chae-rok to Deok-chul

5. Let’s bring Bungbung

"We're going to see Grandpa, so we should take Bungbung," says his Granddaughter

6. Ho-beom turns up to Navillera – and cries through the performance

Ho-beom crying in the audience at the theatre

7. Deok-chul finally gets to perform Swan Lake on stage

Deok-chul finally gets to perform Swan Lake on stage

8. Shim Seong-san tells Eun-ho to find what she loves doing and pursue it

"Eun-ho follow your heart and do what you love"

9. One last wake-up call and training session

Chae-rok still in bed calling Deok-chul to come and train
The two men at the bar

10. Deok-chul recognises Chae-rok in one final snow scene

"Did you soar?" Deok-chul asks Chae-rok
Chae-rok in the street in a suit with his name on his heart in respect

But that epilogue though….

I should have known I’d not be able to choose just ten…

"I've taught this so many times, why are still terrible" from a final training session

Farewell, Navillera. You were magnificent.


2 thoughts on “Ten times the Navillera finale broke us…

  1. YES and yes again! I’d add the other two scenes that broke me when at the airport everyone showed up to say goodbye.
    But the one that was so powerful was when Deok-chul ran after him and gave him a big hug to say goodbye.
    This show was just magnificent and powerful in every way.

    1. Also the family group chat at the end where it was Seong-san who was rallying everyone to get together for Chae-rok’s return.

      I could have probably gone for 20 moments, the whole thing was perfect.

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