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Japan’s Cherry Magic (30sai made Dotei dato Mahotsukai ni Narerurashii) is winding up its season and the show’s fanbase, which started with some appreciative mutterings, has only grown as it has aired. Considering the show’s vocal supporters, I was a little nervous to wade in lest I didn’t connect with it as others have. There’s no need to fear though: Cherry Magic (literally 30 years of virginity can make you a wizard) is as cute and as full of kilig as promised.

The two leads of Cherry Magic in an intimate moment

The Plot

Adachi Kiyoshi (Akaso Eiji) is an introverted and awkward 29-year-old virgin, whose life ticks over to 30 with little fanfare and even less action on the romance front. Adachi’s singledom comes mostly from his outsider status: he can’t imagine that someone would be interested in him and wouldn’t know what to do about it if they were.

As Adachi enters the first day of his 30s, he discovers an old-wive’s tale about 30-year-old virgins is true – they gain magical powers! In his case it’s telepathy and he soon discovers that the attractive, confident and successful Kurosawa Yuichi (Machida Keita) is not only attracted to him but almost obsessively so.

Adachi and Kurosawa are talking. Kurosawa seems happy, Adachi taken aback

Love is a Doing Word

As the first two episodes unfold, Adachi discovers his powers and of course recoils from them. It’s a connection to his fellow humans, an intimacy even, that’s more than he can handle. But once he knows of Kurosawa’s feelings, he finds they’re something he can’t ignore. He does try though. Which just goes to show that even magic powers can’t guarantee love. Adachi has to grapple not only with his own feelings about his colleague but with his natural inclination to watch rather than act. Love, as Massive Attack tell us, is a doing word. Adachi can no longer blame a lack of interest for his singledom. If he wants love, he is going to have to find the courage to do something about it.

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4 thoughts on “Cherry Magic Premiere Watch

  1. I couldn’t stop watching this adorable drama and I’m so glad that I listened to everyone who recommended it, thank you!! Can’t wait until the finale next week 🙂

    I love that this power has allowed Adachi to step out of his comfort zone and begin to talk to people. You see his confidence grow with every episode and he is taking on new challenges. I’m glad that we get to know more about Kurosawa and how he fell in love with Adachi.

    One thing that bothers me about their relationship is how Kurosawa is always matching himself to adachi, he really doesn’t need to be perfect all the time.
    In fact, I love that the characters in this drama talk to each other and resolve problems head on.

    1. I think what I like the most about Cherry Magic is that it’s a simple little show with a nice message (be brave in love!) but also that neither male lead is trying to ‘win’ at the relationship. Adachi isn’t trying to use his telepathy to trick anybody, Kurosawa is motivated by a desire for people to like him, rather than a need to be the best or to get personal accolades. There’s good communication and a great deal of respect on both sides. And if only Adachi gets some self-confidence and Kurosawa stops trying to please everybody then they’ll make it work.

      It’s a perfect palate cleanser for Christmas really.

  2. Full of kilig, indeed!
    I’m enjoying the show a lot. I’m glad more and more people are appreciating this gem <3
    "Love is a doing word" this is so true. Adachi's got a lot of "doing" to do now. Can't wait to see how they'll wrap up the story. May it stay magical till the end~!

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