The Very Big End of Decade Korean Drama Poll – Round 2

What is the best Korean drama of all time?

It’s finally here!

Ding ding!

Begin Round Two.

Vote for your Best and Favourite Korean drama

As you probably remember, around a month or so ago I finally gave up trying to generate my own list of the best Korean dramas. It was too difficult and there was only one solution that I could see. I was going to have to do what I do best and collect statistics on it.

So here we have part two of my cunning Three Step process to devise a list of Best and Favourite as voted by YOU.

A month ago I asked you all to vote in Round 1 – a way for me to devise a list of dramas that could be contenders for the Best and the Favourite. These answers have gone into The List. The List is still 100 dramas long so it’s time to get that list down into a Top 10.

Round 3 will let us all rank the final 10.

Thanks to the great response to the first round, I managed to get a list of 100 dramas to choose from. It might be a bit overwhelming but I’m sure your personal favourite is burning a hole in your cerebellum. They’ve been ranked in alphabetical order to make things a bit easier.

So go ahead and VOTE NOW. I’ll keep voting open for one month or 100 responses, whichever comes first.

Good luck to your favourite drama!



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