The Very Big End of Decade Korean Drama Poll – Round 1

What is the best Korean drama of all time?

It’s time for us to ask the Big Questions.

As we’ve been ordered inside to watch TV, the question of what to watch has no doubt come up. Maybe you’ve decided to best Korean dramas of all time? And it’s a great choice.

But, what are they? What are the best dramas ever?

I’ve been pondering this question for a while. In fact, I started a list of my Top 10 dramas about a year ago. And it never got finished. In fact, it was an excruciating process because, while I was pretty solid on the top 6 or 7 or so, after the halfway point it got more difficult. And as for that Top Three, well, who’s to say which one deserved the number one spot?

More importantly, at what point does objectivity break down? Is one show really better than the other or just one that I personally enjoyed more.

There’s only one solution that I could see. I was going to have to do what I do best and collect statistics on it.

At first I was going to create a poll for you to vote. But that has the same problem as my list – I’m the one who decides what goes into the poll. Then I was going to present everyone with a giant list of all the dramas ever made (Thousands! There’s thousands!) and get everyone to vote on it. But that seems unwieldy.

Instead I’ve devised a cunning three step process.

And here it is, Round 1. You, my dear drama friends, are going to choose the dramas for my poll for me.

Just vote for your best drama and favourite drama and I’ll use that to compile the choices for the Round 2 poll. Round 2 will winnow those choices down to 10. Then Round 3 will put those Top 10 into their ?rightful? order.

The poll can be found here: Round 1

The other three questions on the poll are just a bit of fun. But you never know – a drama you hate to love or love to hate may be the left-field contender we were all looking for. And what you choose to watch during this stressful time might be your secret favourite.

Now there are a few rules here (sorry).

  1. Korean dramas only.
    In a year where Someday or One Day exists this may be hard (Taiwan?! Who knew?) But if I start to allow dramas from other countries we’ll never get a consensus.
  2. Dramas only, no variety shows or others. You may love love love Running Man but see Rule 1.
  3. You can vote more than once. This isn’t about finding the top dramas, it’s about getting an initial voting list. So if you have more than one favourite drama then vote more than once. It’s fine.

The poll can be found here: Round 1

Vote early. Vote often.

Let’s see where this takes us.


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